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Acquiring and accumulating bitcoin is now simple and easy no tech skills required

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A Peer to Peer Funding Solution for the things You Think are important

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Your Online Resource. The Academy of Peers. Continuously updated by experts from around the globe

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100% of funds Instantly and Directly into your crypto wallet.


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A Better Funded You – A Better You.

GCCF is redefining the rules, putting control back into your hands.
PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL FUNDING is now Fast and Easy with our Peer 2 Peer and Crowdfunding technologies. We also provide a Peer 2 Peer Education Academy and together this is your one-stop funding solution.

The GCCF 5 Core Values

#1. Embrace Trustworthiness

Everything begins and ends with Trust. It’s simple be Honest and be trustworthy. Trust is earned.

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Peer 2 Peer Technologies

Peer 2 Peer Funding, Peer 2 Peer Academy, and Crowdfunding are just the beginning.

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As Silly as this sounds

I came to this website, I was skeptical, I was convinced it was another internet scam... until I learned and applied some simple concepts... What happened next mesmerized me...

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Imagine having the perfect tools to effectively share your ideas to the people you want to do business with - We make it simple for you.


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