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I made a decision to be resolute and steadfast and help others get the capital they want. I believe the way to do that is the democratization of money.…. Let me briefly explain… “The actions taken to make money accessible to anyone anywhere”…

Is it possible that the current money system “Fiat Currency” is skewed towards the few who control the supply of it? If so - is that a fair for everyone else? And did you know more than 50% of the world’s population do not have access to the current banking system and its digital fiat money? Economists call this colossal part of the world’s population, the “under-banked”. And yet these same people - billions of them who banks will not serve are getting online and have access to the internet and smart phones but they can’t get a credit or debit card and they can not send cash over the internet… or can they?

I re-visited Bitcoin, often called cash for the internet, and started to dig deeper. What seems to make the “establishment, the media ” fear bitcoin and the blockchain is the exact reason what makes it brilliant and disruptive. Here are just some of the things that make it brilliant: it has no centralized control, in principle has no barrier to access, open source or open collaborative system, and possibly the most valuable - innovation without permission. All this is like an explorative engine that drives bitcoin’s innovative potential.

I’m neither a cryptographer nor a core developer but I understand enough to know that the person/s who created bitcoin, “The Technology of Trust”, did so, with the intent that we can use it safely and securely. Think of it like this – you don’t need to be an engineer to drive your car across it, much like you don’t need to be a bitcoin developer to use bitcoin. It is as simple as sending a text message. If you do not know enough about bitcoin to feel confident to use it click here and get educated through our short series of Videos and TED Talks.
Anyway could it be possible to use bitcoin to help democratize money? The answer is a resounding YES and I wished I had listened to that geek all those years ago.

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Let's Make A Few Things Clear

Buying Bitcoin retail

On the open market is not going to achieve the democratization of money. Currently bitcoin is often considered as volatile asset. In other words the price to buy Bitcoin fluctuates a lot. Now there are many reasons for the fluctuation of the price to buy bitcoin but the simple one I put forward is: not enough people use it yet. When we reach bitcoin usage parity, i.e. as many people use bitcoin as those who do not use bitcoin, I believe we will obtain a stable store of value and a low rate deflation. Yes I said deflation not inflation but that is another talk entirely.

Mining Bitcoin

To get your Bitcoin is not going to spread it to the world’s population any quicker either. For many reasons - the first is the point of entry is high level of resources are required, high skill set, high level of software and hardware knowledge needed.

The most efficient and effective method to share ideas is through word of mouth.

How to use this model and avoid the typical pitfalls of a centralized system? You know the deal, you send in your money to the “overlords” who then oversee the redistribution of the monies whilst keeping a huge cut for themselves. Some call this business model MLM, you know – Make Lots (of) Money but who actually makes the most money?

Enter Peer 2 Peer Funding to fill the void and solve the problem.

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