More On GCCF Service

What is the Purpose of GCCF Why does it exist?

Imagine a world where the individual has a voice that can be heard.

She can:

  • standup to incumbent power
  • standup to old assumptions
  • break status quo thinking,
  • stand for privacy
  • stand for prosperity
  • stand for freedom

We believe there is a different way to change the world, it doesn’t require protesting, it doesn’t require revolution, and it doesn’t require doing anything illegal.

We believe that the new technology given to us by satoshi nakamoto, bitcoin, gives control back to the individual.

GCCF platform exists purely to give the individual the power to challenge the status quo and succeed.

Is GCCF Legal and Ethical?

Yes …GCCF is a simple service that allows you to build an organisation and the members of that organisation may send you cryptocurrency

Do I need Bitcoin in order to use it?

Yes  GCCF only accepts bitcoin for the services it provides

Will the GCCF Platform work on my mobile device?

Yes.. GCCF is designed to work on any smart device with a quality internet connection

Is it available in my country?

GCCF does not limit its services base on where you live.

Setting Up An Account

Is it FREE to use the GCCF Suite of Platforms?

For GCCF to provide its state of the art services it asks for a token monthly (30 days) membership dues of 0.005 bitcoin

Do I get Bitcoin Sent Directly into my Private Wallet?

Yes.. When . you build your own funding organisation your backers who are funding you, deposit bitcoin directly into your own private wallet.

Does the GCCF Platform Take any of my Funding?

No..GCCF only requires the small monthly(30 days) membership dues of 0.005btc. No tax is taken from your peer 2 peer or crowdfunding.

Can I Have More Than One Position?

No.. GCCF only allows you to have 1 membership per person.

Managing Your Account

How do I know who to send Bitcoin too?

The Smart GCCF technology guides exactly what and when to do it.

How do I cancel my account?

Log into your membership area and send a ticket explaining what you would like to do.

Is Bitcoin Legal Tender

In most countries, bitcoin is not considered legal tender and it is up to you to ask your local authorities the legal status of bitcoin in your area.

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