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The GCCF Innovative Core Service

There are many reasons why our services are worth your time and attention. We want you to know why we exist and why we are different.

Peer 2 Peer Funding

The GCCF Peer 2 Peer Funding Model gives you the ability to build your own online cryptocurrency accumulation center. It is a secure and simple to use platform.

The GCCF Peer 2 Peer Funding Model is a fast and 100% ethical method for anyone to fund anything. You can use this model to receive funding for the things you think are important in life.

  • Borderless Platform
  • 100% Commissions
  • Instantly into Your Wallet
  • Unlimited Frontline Potential
  • Top Tier Cryptocurrencies

Peer 2 Peer Academy

Cutting Edge Information

Learn from experts around the world as they share their insights


All active members may contribute to the education pool.

Knowledge is Power

The more you know the better decisions you can make.

Evergreen Crowdfunding

Evergreen Crowdfunding simply means it is “always there”. No campaign time limits. Each project gets funding directly into your bitcoin/ethereum wallet INSTANTLY. The GCCF Platform does not take any part of the Donations, it is direct Peer to Peer Funding.

This Model only allows the project owner to collect funding from its backers. It is fast and 100% ethical method to fund anything. You can use this model to market your projects directly to potential funders.

  • Instant
  • Directly into your wallet
  • No Commissions taken from you
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Active whilst you are an active member

Affordable Platform Dues

Choose monthly or get Massive Savings if you choose yearly. 


0.005 BTC

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All platforms included


0.05 BTC

Two full months FREE

All platforms included

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